What does a cannabis flower look like?

Question by Awik Bawin: What does a cannabis flower look like?
The reason for cannabis is to smoke the buds of the plant. But because everyone takes the buds off before it gets to flower, I am finding it very hard to find any images that show cannabis in full bloom. Does the plant actually form things that actually look like normal flowers, or does development stop at the bud?
If it in fact does flower, I would greatly appreciate a link to an image of a cannabis plant in full bloom please.

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Answer by Afton H
this is what i found. there are even perfumes of it. although ive never smelled it, i dont think it would smell like the bud when its burning.


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  1. The plant produces flowers .

    The male and female flowers are on different plants .

    Both the types of flowers are in clusters and are small and are unattractive green colored so they escape attention .

    Click on the links below for a drawing and photos =


    Cannabis Male flowers on the link below =




    Cannabis Female flowers=




    In the link immediately above =
    1= a branch with male flowers ,
    2= A branch with female flowers ,
    3= A single male flower
    4 = A single female flower AND
    5 = A fruit .

    Thank you !

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