Run This Town (Who’s gonna smoke some weed tonight?) Lyrics in description

stop bitchin about the lyrics an smoke up


So much gonj right now man im ripped ahhhh

aha add me on skype ;3 myles.belainsky aha

I smoke the ganja while blaring this song

is there an actual title for this song, i wanna see if i can download it online, fuckin love the green shit, it makes waiting for the bus to work and back not boring hahahaha

yess if i said vag probaly i’m ;)

Well if your a girl… ;)


69 people didn’t spark up there dutch



Just fuckin smoke all day every day an never stop

rly then lick my pussy if it’s true or not? i was bugging :3

Weed fuckin awesome your probably some anti weed downer fuck who doesent know how to let loose and have fun stupid up tight fuck

swed Smoke Weed Every Daaayyy

This is a fucking awsome song

dealers ringtone. lmao always gets me pumped


nu ska det fan dansas natten natten vi grabbbar och våra tjejej inte horor

Då va man bäng igen hahaha

To Smoke iNeed To Hear This Song It Just Makes It More Dope C:

Who else has to play this song to smoke

Marijuana is an amazing gift don’t hate just appreciate

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Graa-aaade!!

Weed sucks

Fuckin right


i liked it not only cause i smoke tree but cause this shit is dope

smoke da weed tell my lungz bleed. get real high tell i die.


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