New Triple Perc Rasta Label RooR Bong Rip

For my Subscribers present and future i bought this piece today for you all, thanks for watching and subscribing and to the people making videos keep doing what your doing this bong is sick its got two 4 arm tree percs, a dome perc and a rasta label to accent it Taking a rip outta the new piece its a awesome addition to the collection and a bong closet video will come later in the night
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. @Mr420Dubstep ahaha, there’s no shops that sells roor bong’s where I am :/, so I’ll have to get it on the net, do u know a good site that i could get one ”cheap” from?

  2. @HitmanGTA4 depends where u get it really, it was a couple hundred but i got a sick hook up from a buddy

  3. @Mr420Dubstep Im thinking of getting one of that style so I’d want to know approximately how much is it worth :/, btw thanks for answering :p

  4. @HitmanGTA4 lol more then i care to mention

  5. how much is that worth homie ?:0

  6. Niiicccee!!

  7. @JPDunagan1 yea not to mention triple percs it was a must buy when i saw it
    thanks for watching bro have a good weekend

  8. @MrChikanatsu yea she’s pretty pimp
    thanks for watching and commenting

  9. badass piece 

  10. fuckin sweet man dont see alot of roors with percs

  11. WWOOWW!!! soo nice

  12. its a roor made in cali

  13. @gullythetoker315 thanks bro this piece is intense it dwarfs all my other pieces and all my friends bongs its truly beast.

  14. @Mr420Dubstep wow im moving 2 canada fuuck this lol id never see deals like that down here great pick up man congrats

  15. @Mr420Dubstep also they had store opening deals

  16. @gullythetoker315 the place had a bunch and had some good deals going down it was this triple with the rasta or black with black trees i like the rasta alot :D

  17. @Mr420Dubstep daaaamn thats unbeleavable man how could it possibly be that cheap its a roor?!?1

  18. OMFG bro that is like a dream bong rite there how tall is she? and how much did u pay 4 that? its fuckin insaine

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