NEW BONG I PICKED UP ON IOFFER.cOM only payed 200 also some choice nuggets thrown in thanks to everyone on youtube sending me their vids to watch and jus commenting positive or negative i love gettin feedback i try to respond to most theres alot though so if i dont respond my bad
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maaaan if i could just chill and smoke some with you once brah it be sick as shit! and im from florida got some family that lives there to
peace to you brah

and do u do poppers?

nice bong bro

Hea man I was just wondeing were u got that bong I been looking for 2 days and can’t find it

Hell yeah man! Creep’s totem pole is fuckin badass. Have you seen some of Casto’s work on thedablab? He’s a new kid on the block with some slick glass skills

nice piece :)

im gettin ready to get a sick custom piece from thedablab goin through the artist creep u might have seen his yoda heads or vader domes

Ohh word. That’s still a fuckin steal for a worked tube with two percs! I’m actually saving up now for either a Mobius stereo matrix, or maybe a nice MGW bubbler. If I had the funds, I’d be rocking Toro and 2011BC all day

thank you sir;D

not all of it just the bong yea i feel ya im on to quality pieces now gotta start somewhere that a/c is from a nice company out in Oregonand the downstem was made in colorado

ALL OF THAT was just $200? Shit, I payed $140 for my Blue Dot beaker and that thing is a piece of shit (except at least it was made in America).


if i ever come down to florida imma hit u up

I tasted that hit.. Magic? Or are my stoner senses tingling?


The drag wasn’t even that bad. Nice bong :D

no offense but you look like a white Terrell Owens.

i fucking want this what the actual fuck?!

sexy piece bro

suscribed for a florida smoker

SWEEET lol you got some mad lungs ;) 

magical ass lookin bud

i hit you up

no florida

Bro are you from OREGON?

dude your videos are sick, i definitely enjoy watching them! thanks

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