is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds online?

Question by spinelessninja: is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds online?
ive been to and they have a tab to get to websites that sell marijuana seeds.
so i am wondering if it is illegal to buy these seeds.
because i don’t want to get arrested if i buy them
i live in colorado

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Answer by Wiz Justiz
depends where you live.

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  1. High Times is very popular & I am sure millions of people buy seeds from there all the time. Including me! I’ve never gotten in trouble with the authorities.

  2. Marijuana seeds do not contain THC so they’re legal to buy online and ship through the mail. You just can’t plant them.

  3. the above answers are wrong if you look at the bottom in very small print you will see that “the acquisition of live cannibis seeds in the US is illegal”

  4. Nope.

  5. Well, it depends. It is not illegal to purchase Marijuana Seeds, however it illegal to bring those seeds into the United States.

    You may purchase the seeds, but the second they hit the states you are breaking the law. But, from what I heard is that if customs catches the seeds you generally get a letter in the mail stating that your stuff was taken and you violated law such and such.

    Your going to use the seeds to grow which is illegal, so why would you care about shipping issues. Just buy from a good company who will resend your order if anything happens no matter what the reason is.

  6. It’s illegal to buy seeds online in the US. It’s illegal to go to any other country like Canada where you can buy the seeds in a corner shop, and bring them back from your trip.

  7. You can have the seeds, but can’t have the plants

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