How many deaths are attributed to marijuana each year in the US?

Question by : How many deaths are attributed to marijuana each year in the US?
Doing a drugs report, I need an answer with legitimate sources to back it. I’ve found data on most other drugs and deaths associated with them, even alcohol, but I can’t find anything about marijuana deaths. What’s with this anomaly?

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Answer by Andrew
Directly from Marijuana? Zero. Watch the movie the Union on Netflix or rent it at blockbuster.

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  1. 0- because it’s not dangerous

  2. There are no deaths, that I have ever heard of ever, that have been caused due to the chemical makeup of marijuana. Obviously people may be allergic to the plant itself but you can’t blame marijuana in that case. You may as well make nuts, shellfish etc. illegal per that reason. So you can’t focus on that being a cause of death as allergies are a natural reaction.

    People do stupid things high or not so you can’t say marijuana made this person so stupid they did . Chances are that person would of done a stupid thing anyway. So you can’t really say that marijuana causes that. Ever herd of the Darwin Award? Hehe completely sober people do the dumbest things imaginable.

    So in the end marijuana doesn’t kill anybody… ever. We have been lied to our entire lives for no reason. Sadly…

  3. You can’t find anything about marijuana deaths because nobody has ever died as a result of marijuana.

  4. To all the people saying there nobody dies, I’m pretty sure the asker is asking deaths that occur because of marijuana. For instance, there are drinking and driving death statistics. No, the person who dies in a drunken crash didn’t die directly from the alcohol, but alcohol would still be considered the cause. There are certainly deaths where marijuana played a role. Since most coroners don’t even consider marijuana a cause of death, there are really no legitimate statistics. People killed in marijuana induced incidents typically just have their deaths listed as only “accidents”.

    This may help you out, but I’m not sure of the factuality on all of the statistics, some seem a bit far fetched:

    This site may also help:

  5. zero. cant over dose on it.

  6. there are very few
    1 / 100,000th of Alcohol related deaths

  7. Zero. But I remember watching a video where a guy got pulled over and swallowed his bad of weed. He died but it was because he suffocated from the plastic bag. I think that’s the closest you’ll ever get to anyone dieing because of weed. It’s because you can’t od, you just end up passing out.

  8. if you type in “death toll marijuana” in any search engine, your answer will be ZERO.

    If you want a source, go to there is a lot of good source material there.

  9. 0,none,nada,Marijuana is scinetifically proven not to kill people.It just cant.I mean if you smoke a pound in like a hour period then it would probably do something but you would have to be clearly trying to commit suicide if you do that.

    EDIT: And no,dont listen to these people saying “marijuana didnt kill them directly,but it played a part in it”.Thats a lie.Marijuana has never “played a part in killing somebody”.Driving stoned doesnt effect how you drive really.It doesnt make your eyesite blurry or anything.

  10. no deaths its a f*cking plant

  11. 0! PERIOD!.

  12. 0 zip itself cannot kill anyone but im sure there are some that got ran over by a car because they were on it. It doesn’t even kill brain cells it just tickles them. Even tough is hard to say it is not dangerous.

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