How long does it take for Marijuana seeds to sprout?

Question by green guy: How long does it take for Marijuana seeds to sprout?
i planted a seed two weeks ago and nothing it possible the seed is dead?

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Answer by Teiraa :3
most likely, if it hasn’t grown yet.
that, or you aren’t using proper growing methods…
good luck!! :)

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  1. 1. You need to keep the soil moist for any seed to sprout.

    2. If you’re growing outdoors and you live in the northern hemishphere, it’s the wrong time of the year to plant.

    But anyway, if it hasn’t sprouted in 2 weeks, it’s not going to.

  2. Hi, You need to dig the seed up and put in inside if a wet paper towel until it sprouts. Once it sprouts, then you plant it in dirt! Works everytime! Good Luck

  3. It should have been up by now. The best way is to place the seeds between a few layers of paper towels, then put them in a baggie, and check every day, once the root pops out put it in some good soil at about 1/2″ deep, and keep it damp

  4. they might have rotted if you kept the soil too moist. next time get a bag of horticulture vermiculite (Lowe’s) pour a one lb.cottage cheese container with a hole in the bottom about three-fourths full then wet it, sprinkle the seeds around and cover with saran wrap that has some holes in it. set it in a tray with water in it,when they start to sprout plant them.

  5. prolly not gonna sprout, sorry dude

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