How a marijuana vaporizer works J.Erich.Pearson demonstrates how to use a vaporizer at the SPARC Medical Marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. Video by Alastair Good
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  1. Actually you right, but marijuana only helps against tumors, but with other cancers it only helps against the pain, i’m not against marijuana but it’s a fact that it only fight against tumors (that is very good, it’s a shame that marijuana is called a drug and that scares people for the name “drug”

  2. Thats a lucky ass old man -__-

  3. ikr lol xD

  4. Want

  5. Around 1:55 The guy one right: “C’mon, bitch, stop talking, I wanna get stoned !”

  6. Haha, he looks so sad at the end, he did all the work then the old guy showed no signs of slowing down.

  7. Smoking it of course is what does the damage but the THC component itself is what has been proven to fight cancer.

  8. i advocate it like you my friend but he is right about the cancer thing, because frankly anything you smoke releases harmful carcinogens etc.

  9. Marijuana actually has been proven to help fight cancer…

  10. I didnt know ben affleck get lit!

  11. You should know all of that is a myth. Read up before you speak up.

  12. Damn he killed the whole bag to himself!

  13. weed don’t do shit to you, would you think they would prescribe it to people if they did cause cancer or leave tar? most ofyou are dumbasses

  14. None of that is true

  15. wHAT MADE ME laugh was I said out loud “fuck that’s gonna explode!” and then Banderas says something to the effect of “it won’t explode!” LOL tripped me the fuck out!!

  16. The guy in the background intently watching while stroking his chin..

  17. thats because where it’s legal they just have perfect cigarettes, with weed in it…

  18. Ok, now ask me if I care. It’s clear you read too much of what the media says. Everyone knows weed hasn’t caused any deaths. The fact I made a joke about it making you live longer and you got all excited and thought you could make me sound stupid, is pretty sad tbh. I think you need to go outside and stare at the sun ’til your eyes bleed and your head explodes. If this doesn’t happen after 5 minutes, keep looking… and looking… and looking.

  19. Reducing the functionality of the brain has pretty much been proven by how fucking stupid caspergames has shown himself to be LOL
    Who needs weed to laugh when you can just read this retards comments lmao

  20. Ironically calling me a daft punk after repeatedly making a fool of yourself? lmao I’m laughing just looking at how stupid your are. THC weakens your immune system, increases your risk of getting cancer, black tar on your lungs is always a good thing (when you’re not vaping), and there is evidence to suggest it reduces the functionality of the brain. But it makes you laugh so that cancels out all the other significantly detrimental effects, right? Not like you can laugh on your own or anything.

  21. laughing is proven to make you live longer, everyone knows you laugh when you get high. Point proven, i didn’t say it was beneficial just by smoking it. You daft cunt, trying to sound smart when you’re nothing but a fuckwit. Think before you reply.

  22. ‘patients’ lol

  23. @lickmybrains According to the show stonersense a gram costs $10 generally (same price at which i buy mine). A good place to hide it is in axedoderant cans, the part that you press to spray the deoderant- just open that up and there should be a compartment for you to store weed in, more than one can may be necessary. And you can still use yhe axe, but dont worry, it wont smell like weed.

  24. The guy in the front is like “damn wish I can get some so I can get stoned out of my mind!” haha stay lit!

  25. that guy is gonna be blowed XD

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