Essential Cannabis Hemp Oil Making Tutorial Using Safe Countertop Distiller & FROZEN Alcohol

How to make cancer curing, disease healing, essential cannabis / hemp oil safely with an essential oil distiller and FROZEN 190 proof alcohol. Too many people are being injured making butane honey oil. Butane is heavier than air so it will travel to the floor and will leach its way out until it finds an ignition source and once it finds the ignition source, it will violently explode; very hot and very fast. Don’t do it! Rick Simpson’s method, with a distiller is safe. The freezing changes the polarity. This makes it so no waxes, lipids, chlorophylls etc. are extracted. The freezing is necessary for extracting the trichomes without extracting the other parts of the plant. This excellent and safe step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make essential cannabis oil (hemp oil) with a distillation device that reclaims alcohol solvent; thus minimizing risk of explosion or fire. Please use common sense and plenty of fresh air flow. Follow directions to the letter if you want the same results. Strong indica female cannabis buds should produce about 60 grams of oil from approximately 1 pound of dry cannabis buds; this oil can be applied directly to the skin for skin cancer or lesions, vaporized for lung conditions like asthma/COPD/lung cancers, or most popularly ingested for internal illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s, chronic pain, insomnia, warts, abnormal or changing moles, cysts… the list goes on and on and on… You can find distillers here: For more


  1. THC is nonpolar and so is ethanol while the chlorophyll is polar so if your using 200 proof ethanol I don’t see the point to freezing your buds. I hear all freezing does is make the trichomes easier to break free from the plant material which would be ideal if you were making hash through bubble bags, but if your using 100% nonpolar solvents freezing your bud is an unnecessary step.


  3. dont worry. This wont effect the quality too much as long as you use good starting material

  4. because this will produce a more powerful oil.

  5. yes

  6. making mine right now!, i froze it but it still looks pretty green when put through coffee filter, does it make much of a difference?

  7. I can’t wait to make my own one day
    Thumbs up! Great Video

  8. i can’t figure out why chrychek removed this video from their archive?

  9. How is this oil for chronic nerve pain from severe spinal damage. I’m on Dtran fentanyl/n patches,oxynorm ,codien ;for years; it barely touches pain. It’s not like one would think; I don’t feel any effects from these drugs;not high or anything. I don’t want it. I want to feel normal & no pain. A GP,doc. years ago told me to smoke cannabiss to relieve my pain. I tried it ; I got so high I couldn’t function. I don’t want to live life high; not feeling normal or drive. I need a miracle! help!

  10. Would it be helpful if we were to use a coffee grinder to grind the bud before freezing it? could this increase the yield?

  11. Isopropyl is fine as long as you have evaporated all of it off in your end product. Ethanol has the advantage of being much less toxic if you don’t get it all out, but is much more expensive
    This user says he has his best results with 99% isopropyl… watch?v=CVycilEB_rg

  12. Actually, freezing just keeps the temperature low enough that less desired compounds, such as chlorophyll are not extracted.
    And technically it’s not freezing, as the alcohol undergoes no change other than temperature, it doesn’t freeze solid. You are just cooling the alcohol to temperatures lower than the freezing point of water, in your freezer. Not cold enough to turn alcohol solid. Different depending on type and purity.
    Pure ethanol freezes @ about -174 F
    Pure isopropanol @ about -130 F

    THC and CBD are two separate cannabinoids… their precursors are present in combination with those of many other cannabinoids in the natural plant. These “acid form” precursors are converted into the active forms in heating during this process. Both THC and CBD have anti-tumor properties, but CBD is not intoxicating, and reduces the intoxication caused by THC. THC breaks down into a third Cannabinoid, Cannabinol. I reccommend this clip.

  14. thx for great work!

  15. Can I use 99% isopropyl alcohol instead of 190 proof alcohol, as this cannot be bought where i live? Thank you!

  16. As I understand it, cannabis has CBD and THC. CBD is converted to THC through heating like smoking or baking/cooking. CBD is the healer, THC has other properties along with making you high. So is the CBD lost in this process, and does this oil still make you high?
    What if you don’t want to be high?

  17. Sorry just saw your previous reply. Thanks. You are awesome bro!

  18. This is amazing. Can you please explain why everything must be frozen? Thanks David.

  19. 2:48 use one of those canning funnels to prevent spills

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  21. brilliant, thumbs up!

  22. Why cant you use trim from buds? Not leaf but actual buds!

  23. The freezing changes the polarity . This makes it so no waxes, lipids, turnips, chlorophylls etc. are extracted. The freezing is necessary for extracting the trichomes without extracting the other parts of the plant.

  24. why do we have to freeze? what is the point ?

  25. Here in Canada, we don’t have 190 proof available at the liquor store, only 40% maximum. Would 99% isopropyl alcohol be suitable? That is what Rick Simpson uses.