Mob Boss

Mob Boss Medical Marijuana


This strain was originally developed in California. It is a hybrid formed by crossing ChemDawg D and Tang Tang males. Chem d is the best dawg with pleasant aroma and high hitting cerebral buzz. It is very effective; even most resistant patients feel the kick and hence relaxed after sometime. It is the white plant with fan shaped leaves and dense trichomes. Looks are peculiar. It remains short and wide spread.


General Information:


Type:  Hybrid marijuana
Genetics:  ChemDawg D x Tang Tang males
Flowering:about 60 to 70 days
Smell: Herby and citrus. Once the buds open up it gives a strong skunky smell.  
Taste: Similar to smell. It tastes pungent and sour with hashy and skunky undertones. It gives a thick smoke with an assertive flavor that lingers in the palate.
Medicinal uses and other effects:  It is not very potent but if consumed in higher doses, leads to a couch lock. Gives a mild cerebral kick. It is most prescribed medication for muscle relaxation, appetite stimulation, mood elevation and gives a boost of energy as well (Tang Tang plants especially).