Dark Bubble Hash


Dark Full Melt Bubble Hash

DSC 0072 2 Dark Bubble Hash


An amazing harvest will yeild amazing bubble hash if you do it correctly. What you are looking at is just that… bubble hashish perfection. Normally DIY hash makers separate levels of trichomes size which in turn diminishes the quality and taste of that particular batch size. Mr. Numspa’s way is to first agitate the dried trim in a 5 gallon bucket with plenty of ice and reverse osmosis water without any bags. There is a second empty 5 gallon bucket that he will use to dump this material into slowly. There is actually two bubble bags being used at this time. There is the material catcher bag then under is the finest (highest thread count) bag and that is all. The top bag catches all the leaf and particulate that is undesireble while the bottom bag catches all trichomes sizes without splitting them into sizes. The end result was spectacular with full flavor through the entire batch of hash!