Guerilla Growing

The Guerilla Grow

Some people don’t know what a Guerilla Grow is, its an outdoor grow with several locations with only 1-5 plants in each location. These plants are not in rows or a pattern, rather all scattered so they are not easily spotted. Sounds easy? Keep on reading….




Depending on where you live you want to get a good months head start on checking out locations for the gardens. Plus if you do it early the rest of nature isnt blooming for spring yet and will be easier to walk. It will also help through the spring cover tracks you may leave behind by new growth (dont take the same path to get there,switch it up.) You will normally want to do this during the day with a compass to plan how much sun light the plants will recieve. Look for where the sun rises and sets. You want the maxium sun light for each plant. Take your time and pick carefully. When searching, Google Maps is a good tool to plan where you want to start walking. Try to pick larger dense forest or marsh areas. Quiet roads where you can be dropped off and picked up. You dont want to be leaving a car around while you tend to the plants. I usually walk in a certain direction for a set amount of time (i.e 30 mins), assuring no one will stumble upon the gardens. Then look for each plot. Make sure the plants won’t be easily seen from the sky! This is why you DON’T want to plant in rows or patterns. The plants are going to be a rich green color so make sure they can blend in a little. Surrounding growth is so extreamly important! Plants can reach upto 10 feet!

Things to bring along:


Alot of drinks

A good excuse why your out there


Digging and Planting


Usually you will want to do this at night. However alot of people seperate digging and planting into two or a few nights (depending on how many plants). Lets say you have one location with 3 plants. One night bring out tools in a bookbag and a nice shovel. All supplies should be bought with cash. That means from buying dirt to tools, stop at the ATM first. Walk to your spots you have chosen and dig your holes. While digging holes you should really dig about 14 inches deep with a 3-31/2 foot width. Even larger Cannabis roots wont go much further then 12 inchs. Normally a hole 2 foot by 2 foot is dug by most growers, however if you are using pots then you must have an idea on how big they are for the hole. Placing pots in dugged holes helps protect the plants from other people. Usually you will bring dirt out this night as well. The best thing is to mix the soil recipe at home and fill 35 gallon black garbages to transport. Get dropped off so the driver can pull away quickly. Run each bag to the woods line untill the car is empty and they can pull away. Then you will carry the dirt from the tree line to the holes. This is better then having a car parked! Next night will be planting. You will want all the tools needed for doing a successful transplant. You should start the plants inside first to give them a head start and you must plant after the last frost. Night temps above 38 degrees roughtly. If you havnt started any inside them germinate your seeds and plant directly into the soil you placed.

Things needed for digging & planting:

Pre mixed Soil

Spade Sovel


fresh water to give after transplant

laytex gloves for using hands

garbage bag to bring back all garbage,leave nothing

find a stick and bring string to give the little guy some extra backing

depending on the size use the string to start plant training like LST

A great excuse


Caring for your Plants


Again you want to do this at night mainly. Bring a bookbag to carry out all your nutes and trimming gear. Walking different paths each time to get to your plants and tend to them quickly but properly. Using a flash light, trim any dead leaves and feed your plants.(water + nutes). If you have a natural water souce, it may be a good idea to leave all nutes out there so you dont have to carry them every walk out. Dig a hole and put the nute bottles and water ph test and mix out in the hole by the grow site. If you have to bring water then mix nutes at home and bring the water out. You should check on your plants as often as you can to continue plant training and mainting in general. Going every week or 2 weeks isn’t ideal but can be possible. Again make sure you pick great locations for easy in and out.

Things you may need:



Trimming sissors


A good excuse


How To Transport Plants To Location:


Not everyone can walk to their garden with plants in pots exposed. So like most,growers come up with new ways to transplate their babys into the ground with no one seeing. While keeping a good excuse on hand. A simple and easy way to transport is a box and a fast food cup holder from the drive thur. Making sure the box is able to fit in a bookbag or something that wont look suspicious while being able to fit the cup holder ( usually 4) as well. Most growers will start in solo cups then move the plants out after a couple of weeks. The box should look something like this IMG 0008 1 Guerilla Growing