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can you get high off of marijuana seeds?

Question by rainyday,dreamaway: can you get high off of marijuana seeds?
My friend told me you can get stoned by eating seeds. Is this true?
and is it easy to grow marijuana outdoors?

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Answer by Mike D
Never heard of that happening. THC usually is only in it’s highest concentrations in the mature cannibis Sativa plant. If you’ve ever listened to Afroman, there is a line he “sings” that says…”Smoke, smoke, smoke your joint, pick out the SEEDS and STEMS” So one would assume (and I’m assuming he knows his topic) that there is no “benefit” from smoking or eating the seeds. Maybe planting them and waiting?

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  1. No you cannot.
    Can you imagine if you could! Half of the birds of the world would be stoned!!!!

  2. listen, seeds will not get you high, but he takes them out of the joint because they crackle and pop/taste bad…eating pot WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH unless you have fried it in butter or heated it in another way to release the THC…ok, so dont just eat it or your are wasting it

  3. All I know is that when I was younger and my Mom gave marijuana seeds to the canary it sang like it was in a concert hall long and loud and wonderful.

  4. Hmmm,I think your friend is dreaming,,bush marijuana is easly to grow and will become a weed unless properly cared’s THC will be be low…anyway,in ancient times masses of seeds would be thrown into brass bowl under extreme heat in a covered tent where the people would inhale the smoke and friend is pulling your leg..

  5. No, because the level of THC in seeds is extremely low (if not zero). In the UK it’s legal to possess the seeds but not to grow them. THC is found mainly in the leaves of the Cannabis plant

  6. Nah course not.

  7. Nope

  8. No, you cannot get high from marijuana seeds, although given the right climate and season, seeds can be fairly easily cultivated outdoors.
    In response to the “THC is found mainly in the leaves of the Cannabis plant” comment, which is an incorrect statement: THC is concentrated in the bud or flower portion of the cannabis plant. While some amount of THC may be present in the leaves, the majority of what smokers seek is on the bud area.

  9. Yes you can get high off of seeds of really potent shit! Here’s how ya do it:
    everytime you smoke really good shit save the seeds.
    let them sit out in the open in a bowl for about a month.
    after you have about 25+ take the seeds and crush them up in the bowl into a decently fine powder
    pack that into a bowl, bong, joint whatever and smoke it up =)


    Iif you don’t wanna wait:
    take your abundance of seeds bake them in the oven at 400the degrees for two minutes (but crack them first!!
    Iif you don’t wanna wait:
    take your abundance of seeds bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for two minutes (but crack them first!)
    crush them up into a fairly fine powder
    Then enjoy! =)

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